Meet Kelly

Welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kelly, and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a guy, as you can see in the photo–I could tell you about how the name Kelly comes from an Irish clan of manly warriors and somehow was stolen as a girl’s name in the 20th century, but I’ll spare you. My main and most important jobs are as Husband to a wonderful woman and Daddy to three beautiful little girls. Everything else is secondary!

Of course, there’s also the reason you’re here–I am a photographer. That doesn’t just mean I’m someone who takes photographs. It means I’m someone who, more often than not, is carrying a camera and who, more often than not, is thinking, “Man, that would make a fantastic photo!” or “Wow, nice light around here.” It means I spend more on photographic gear than on boring things like, you know, food. Okay, so that part isn’t true, though I certainly wish it were!

I love photography, and have for some time. There are just things about the art and science of making photos that appeals to so many parts of who I am. I have always admittedly been something of a geek, so the technology and mathematics and theoretical bits of photography appeal to me. (Ask me about f-numbers sometime, I dare you!) I’m something of a history buff, so I adore the notion of capturing and preserving moments, the ability to freeze time in an image, and the way captured images themselves can change the course of history. I’m a creative type, so I dig the transformation of vision to end result, and the act of creating of something beautiful that previously didn’t exist in the world. And I’m something of a romantic, so helping others document their lives and loves, all while feeding my inner artist/geek/historian… what could possibly be better?

Thanks for stopping by!

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